Reliable quality, local service automatic door construction

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Reliable quality, local service automatic door construction

The automatic door and the access control system seem to be integrated. In fact, most companies are installed by 2 or 3 companies. Once a failure occurs, there is often mutual kicking of the ball and no one can deal with it immediately, which causes inconvenience for people to enter and exit. Yes, there is no outsourcing installation, so there is no time to evade, and the time for handling inconvenience caused by personnel is short; the automatic door and access control installation and maintenance are rich in experience, and the supply of goods is sufficient with many domestic homemade brands. There are a variety of access control, door opening and locking methods, automatic door pieces, and modification of old Automatic door ... etc., Which can provide a little more reference materials and services when doing automatic doors.

When people enter the factory, they need a card sensor to open the door and enter the door. When they go out, press the door open button to open the door and go out. If there are people entering and exiting the door, there are infrared rays to prevent the clips from hitting people. Induction door opening), there is another long open switch in the door, which can be kept long when people move in and out of the door, so that it is not inconvenient to move the automatic door open switch.

In addition to the ground lock, the automatic door lock can also be equipped with an electric lock. The electric lock can be used with a remote control. To install a ground lock, you need to dig a hole in the ground. The disadvantage is that you must remember to turn off the power when locking, otherwise you will forget When the power is turned off and locked, as long as the door is pressed to open the door, the motor will be burned easily because the door is locked and locked, and the electric lock will not happen. Normally when you enter or exit the automatic door, you can press the wireless touch switch to open the door. When you want to close the door as follows, as long as you press the remote control of the door when the automatic door is closed, the electric lock of the automatic door will be locked. Press the wireless touch switch of the automatic door at this time. In fact, when you go to work, you can press the remote control to close the door to open the electric lock, and you can resume the normal entrance and exit of the automatic door. You can press the wireless touch switch to open the door. When you press the door, the remote control will automatically lock the door and you can trap the gangster).



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